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  • New Partnership: Lookback ❤️

    The best stories are told together. By working with speakers at events like UXRConf and our new mobile app creators, telling wonderful stories is what’s allowed us to build and grow our amazing community of researchers...

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  • Our New Valentine’s Week Launches! 👀💕

    Happy Monday, and an even Happier Valentine’s Day! Today, my Co-Founder Maggi and I are excited to share something with you that we’ve been working on for quite a while now.  Today, we’re announcing three...

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  • Welcome Henrik Mattsson to the Learners Board of Directors 💖

    Over the past five years, Learners has been through a lot of change. From its many names and iterations, there have been very few people who’ve stayed with us on our journey from local Toronto...

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  • February 2022 Monthly Community Update

    Happy [almost] February friends! Question. Where exactly did January go? Seriously. Is it just us or did January go by way too fast? 😱🚀😂 You've probably guessed this already, but The UXR Newsletter is going through a...

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  • Taking a Community-Led Approach to Learning

    Hey there 👋 My name is Alec, and I’m one of the Co-Founders here at Learners. I want to thank you for checking out our platform and trusting us with your professional development this year!...

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