February 2022 Monthly Community Update

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Happy [almost] February friends!

Question. Where exactly did January go? Seriously. Is it just us or did January go by way too fast? 😱🚀😂

You’ve probably guessed this already, but The UXR Newsletter is going through a bit of a glow up. Moving forward, we’ll be changing the name of our monthly newsletter to “Community Updates”, but they’ll still have all the same great stuff you know and love – roles, reads and of course updates on everything here at Learners.

This, in addition to some other upcoming changes, is in light of our company-wide transition to being more community-led in 2022. Want to know more about what that means? Check out this note from our Co-Founder and CEO Alec Levin.

Happy learning folks!
The Learners Team 🌱

Learners Updates

Fam, let’s chat. We’ve got some stuff going on this month.

  1. Our Crowdsourced Research Resources site has now been published! This list is filled with so many gems, we super recommend you go check it out if you haven’t already. Once again, huge shout out to everyone who contributed!
  2. Want to do it all again, but with design? Yas! Head over here if you have a resource you’d like to contribute. We’re hoping that these resources will help designers at any stage in their career, from breaking-in to leadership, so anything you think might be helpful, we’re here for it!
  3. DesignConf by Learners, anyone? 💯 But, we need some help. That’s why we’re putting out a call for three Content Curators to work with our team to create the program this year. Put your name forward today!
  4. Folks. We’ve just appointed our first-ever external member to our Learners Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming Henrik Mattsson! Want to read more? Check out our blog post all about this big move.

UX Research Roles and Reads

Not sure what salary to ask for? Check out our UX Research Salary Report 2021.

Design Roles and Reads

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