Hot this Week: How Do You Juggle Research and Design on a Daily Basis?

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Hot this Week: How Do You Juggle Design and Research on a Daily Basis?

Top Talk Last Week 🌟 on Juggling Research and Design

Watch Kristina Rostorotsky’s talk from UXRConf 2019 on how designers can incorporate more effective research into their processes, and be confident about doing it right. It takes a lot to juggle research and design, but it’s not impossible!

Doing UX Research as a Designer

Doing UX Research as a Designer by Kristina Rostorotsky, Product Design Lead @ Loblaw Digital

What’s it about? More and more designers are expected to conduct hands-on research these days—but how do you know you’re doing it the “right” way? And how do you juggle research and design on daily basis? Whether you’re a designer at a small startup or a large organization, this talk will give you five ways to be a more effective researcher—and feel more confident in the process. You’ll get a window into UX research at Loblaw Digital with real examples of small wins and plenty of hard-learned lessons. It’s an open and honest look from a designer who’s been there. 

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New This Week

Episode 1: Intro to Hiring a Researcher

Hiring Your First Researcher by Alec Levin, Co-founder & CEO at Learners

What’s it about? Meet Alec, co-founder and CEO of Learners—and former UX Researcher. In this episode, Alec introduces his framework for finding and evaluating the perfect researcher for your team.

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Trending on Learners 🔥

How do you measure trust?

Watch Ling and Nicole’s talk from UXRConf 2019 on how they mixed methods to create a survey tool for measuring consumer trust in Groupon’s online ratings and reviews.

Measuring Trust When Conversion Isn't Enough

Measuring Trust When Conversion Isn’t Enough by Ling Hu, User Experience Researcher @ Facebook and Nicole Hill, Lead User Experience Researcher @ Groupon

What’s it about? Groupon recognized the importance of customers’ trust, and they needed a way to measure their success. While many qualitative UX research methods exist, none allowed the teams to robustly and precisely measure changes in users’ attitudes, emotions and perceptions as they pertain to consumer trust.

In this talk, Ling and Nicole show how they mixed qualitative UX research with the field of psychometric scale development to create a survey tool for measuring consumer trust in Groupon’s online ratings and reviews. They will introduce this powerful approach, explain the scale creation process and discuss some of the challenges and lessons learned when undertaking such an endeavour.

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