Incompatibility: Why Even Great Researchers Can’t Get Junior Researcher Jobs

Incompatibility: Why Even Great Researchers Can’t Get Junior Researcher Jobs with Kyle Osborne
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Incompatibility: Why Even Great Researchers Can’t Get Junior Researcher Jobs

Looking for junior researcher jobs can be stressful, now more than ever. But it’s important to take a step back and realize why you might have lost out.

We’re entering into the time of year when many Junior Researchers get their first taste of full-time UX work. And as many in our community are celebrating the end of an important chapter of their lives, they are simultaneously preparing for a new beginning.

In our weekly Community Hangout, we had an interesting dichotomy in place; a new grad looking for junior researcher jobs and a hiring manager looking to hire for a junior position, both in the same hangout session. There obviously wasn’t any pitching, interviewing or job offering, but it was interesting to socialize with two people who have very different, but also very similar goals and hear about both of their experiences.

When listening to the two speak independently about their experiences, it was encouraging to see how there are great people entering the workforce right now and that there are opportunities awaiting them. When thinking about the details of the interaction, I couldn’t help but think how great the role was and how great the candidate was. The role was a research opportunity for a company in Europe, but the selected candidate would specifically be looking at their German market, so they would have to be able to speak German. The new grad just finished up school and was focused on UX Design and they had a background in visual design. They had a lot of prior experience from their past roles in visual design and had finished a UX program at a reputable school. They had fantastic poise and they were a great people person.

There was an obvious incompatibility between the role and the individual, but both of them were so great. This is a reminder to everyone looking for a job that just because you see a fantastic role, apply and don’t get it, that doesn’t mean that you’re the problem. Incompatibility with a role does not speak to your lack of ability or skill, it is simply just an incompatibility. When applying for jobs I know we can all get a bit squirrely, but please remember your innate worth and how valuable you are.

Episode 1: Intro to Hiring a Researcher

If you’re hiring or looking for a job, I highly recommend checking out Alec Levin’s new series on joinlearners.com about Hiring a UX Researcher. The videos give great insight into the utility of a UX Researcher on your team and how to evaluate talent.

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