Introducing the Learners Club: A Place for Learning Together

Kyle, Product Manager and UX Researcher at Learners
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Introducing the Learners Club: A Place for Learning Together

I’ve been finding myself really missing opportunities for learning together, connecting with other people and bouncing ideas around. I also have found myself lacking motivation when it came to my own professional development. I think at this stage in our ever-changing world a lot of other people are probably facing similar struggles and looking for chances to sit down, review material and work with others to figure out how we can take what we’ve learned and apply that knowledge to our current practice.

In our journey to cultivate community and democratize learning, we have started Learners Clubs! These are medium-sized discussion groups where members of our community have the opportunity to sit down and discuss recently screened talks on joinlearners.com.

We have been having some great conversations in our Learners Club lately. Hosted by Babz Jewell and Elysa Smigielski, we’ve had some insightful small group sessions around Learners content. In our last session we watched:

Adopting A Strategist Mindset - A talk with Madeline Yurkoski, UX Researcher @Procter & Gamble

We had some great discussions centered around stakeholder management, roadmapping and aligning business goals with user goals. I personally found the insights that were distilled extremely interesting and it’s always so great to interact with our community. The opportunity to bounce ideas off others and chat about research felt reminiscent of a conference and I found it really refreshing.

In terms of major takeaways from our discussion, I was really interested in our discussion around how different kinds of data garners more or less trust. It was a shared sentiment in the group that getting buy-in and trust from stakeholders using qualitative data was much harder than with quantitative data. It was widely agreed upon in the group that showing your work and the rigor behind qual methods helps get more trust from stakeholders and PMs.

Our Learner’s Club is a larger project that we’re trying to get off the ground, if you can’t make Babz and Elysa’s monthly club meeting feel free to sign up here to get started in making your own club! We encourage our community members to start their own clubs, and we’ll support you to the best of our ability.

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