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The best stories are told together. By working with speakers at events like UXRConf and our new mobile app creators, telling wonderful stories is what’s allowed us to build and grow our amazing community of researchers over the last five years. For that reason, we’re always looking for partners to tell new stories with – to highlight new learnings and propel the community forward.

Today we’re excited to share a new partnership with our friends at Lookback, focused on telling stories about research journeys and how to bring your whole team along for the ride that is research.

So much of the conversation on working with our colleagues in design, product management, and other parts of the business has been about stakeholder management. Lookback believes that our colleagues are not just ‘stakeholders’ to be ‘managed’, but that they are co-conspirators on a wonderful adventure to make a better world. That philosophy is built into the Lookback product, and is one of the reasons they’ve been steadily growing as a powerful research tool.

The Lookback team believes this topic is a critical discussion we haven’t yet had as a discipline, and we couldn’t agree more.

Over the next year, Learners will be powering the team at Lookback to bring lots of new content and online events to not just learn about how to be a better relationship manager, but how to be a better conductor, maestro, adventurer, and ship captain on the never-ending voyage that is learning about our customers.

Want to be the first to hear about these initiatives when they launch? Follow Learners and Lookback on Twitter – programming will begin this fall.

Looking forward to learning with you,

The Learners Team

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