Taking a Community-Led Approach to Learning

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Hey there 👋

My name is Alec, and I’m one of the Co-Founders here at Learners. I want to thank you for checking out our platform and trusting us with your professional development this year!

For a long time professional learning has been expensive, uninspiring, and rigid. We hate that. We think you do too. That’s why our team is working hard to create a very different future for professional growth. One that’s flexible, affordable, fits into your everyday life and evolves with your ever-changing learning needs.

We’re coining this new approach community-led learning. It’s where you and the entire Learners community has a voice in deciding what content is created on the Learners platform. We want you to guide us on how we can best serve you and skyrocket your professional growth this year, and all the years to come.

Want to get started? Virtual high five! Here’s what to do:

  1. Become a member of our Learners community. It’s totally free, and always will be.
  2. Check out our Learners web app for a bunch of Learners Studio content that we’ve filmed throughout the years and additional resources pooled from the Learners Community.
  3. Attend one of our hybrid learning events in 2022. We’re eyeing conferences in research, design, product, crypto and more this year. We’ll have lots of event launches coming your way very *very* soon!

I’d also love to invite you to share your favorite talks, clips and resources with us – whether it be from Learners or elsewhere. Tag us in a post on Twitter or LinkedIn and we’ll like, share, re-tweet, and send you back with some of our favorite content too!

The learning never ends folks. Let’s do it together.

See you online!

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