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The Learners Digest | Career Leveling in UX Researcher Jobs
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Career Leveling in UX Researcher Jobs | The Learners Digest

Hey Learners! Want to know more about the new talks that premiered this week on Learners? Great! You’re in the right place. Just one full-length talk premiered last week, but it’s one that’s incredibly valuable especially for understanding where different UX researcher jobs fit in your organization.

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Where do I fit?: A career leveling guide for researchers

Where do I fit?: A career leveling guide for researchers

By Joshua Williams, UX Research Manager @ Omnipod (AKA Insulet Corporation)

What it’s about:

This talk is all about demystifying seniority levels in UX researcher jobs. Josh explores the real differences between junior and senior researchers to help us understand where we fit—and where there’s room for growth.

What you’ll take away:

In this talk, Josh shares a leveling guide that provides guidance to UX leaders to:

  • Assign appropriate levels to new hires
  • Structure development and promotion pathways
  • Fill expertise gaps within their organization

You’ll also gain insight into the drawbacks of inconsistent standards in UX research seniority, including:

  • Making the field appear “senior-heavy”
  • Discouraging juniors from applying
  • Creating unrealistic growth expectations

Josh gives the example of UX researchers becoming jealous of their colleagues in engineering. After all, they might think, why should engineers continue to grow while I remain “principal researcher” year after year? A lack of thoughtfulness in this area can lead to a lot of frustration at the very least.

From the creator:

“How do you evaluate yourself to advance in this industry? I will be sharing my thoughts on how we define researchers’ roles and responsibilities at each level of their career. I hope this is a valuable conversation to anyone in the field, but especially those looking to grow a team, reevaluate their team structure, or just learn what it might take to level up!”

Click here to watch.

If you’re a junior researcher looking to better understand the industry, you’ll definitely want to check out some talks by Behzod Sirjani. He does a great job of explaining the expectations of us in UX researcher jobs.

thoughts on leadership in UX

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