Master UX Research w/ Illustration and Mindset | The Learners Digest

The Learners Digest | Master UX Research w/ Illustration and Mindset
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Master UX Research w/ Illustration and Mindset | The Learners Digest

Two new talks and tons of new Thoughts premiered this week on Learners! Check them out if you’re looking to drive more impact and master UX Research. Even if you only do research as a small part of your job, you’ll definitely want to give these a watch.

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Make Your Research Come to Life with Empowering Illustrations

By Irene Falgueras, UX Designer + Mark Janssen, User Experience Specialist at Picnic International B.V.

What it’s about: Doing research doesn’t just mean collecting data. To really succeed, we have to champion our work thoughtfully and sometimes creatively. This talk will showcase how you can enlarge the impact of your research work by making use of illustrations in your deliverables and research artifacts.

What you’ll take away: Irene and Mark share personal learnings from developing their company’s research foundations. Use their insights to make your research come to life with the use of illustrations.

A note from the creator:

“We’ll be sharing our learnings about making your research deliverables more visual and inclusive. You’ll get some tips about using illustration to your advantage, all supported with practical examples!”

Click here to watch.

A Researcher's Mindset Talk on Learners

A Researcher’s Mindset

By Janelle Ward, Lead User Researcher @ Just Eat Takeaway.com

What it’s about: Learning the research methods is not enough to succeed. Researchers must also acquire the necessary mindset in order to thrive in their practice. This talk is all about the ideal mindset for a researcher. What does it look like, and how do you achieve it?

What you’ll take away: Janelle has seen both sides of research; academic and UX. She’ll explain how we can learn from those settings to understand the ideal researchers’ mindset. She’ll also offer practical examples of how to activate this mindset in stakeholder meetings.

A note from the creator:

“A researcher’s mindset questions everything, lives comfortably in the grey areas, and champions empathy. Give more consideration to the importance of mindset than becoming a methods expert.”

Click here to watch.

Thoughts to Master UXR and Unlearn Bad Lessons from School

This week, Ray (Learners product manager and general all-star) chose three of our latest Thoughts to share! They’re all under three minutes, so give one a try.

Three "Thought" videos on Learners

Watch here:

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