The Research Newsletter by Learners | May 2021

The Research Newsletter by Learners
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The Research Newsletter by Learners | May 2021

Good morning learners 🙂 I thought some of you might want to consume the research newsletter here on the blog, at your own leisure. Enjoy!

If you’re new, here’s what you can expect to find in The Research Newsletter by Learners:

  • UX research jobs sourced by our team
  • Research news and articles we’re reading this month
  • Big updates to Learners (our free learning platform)
  • Trending talks in UXR
  • …And whatever other fun snippets we come across!

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Trending in UX Research

A Researcher’s Mindset

A Researcher’s Mindset

Janelle Ward, Lead User Researcher @ Just Eat Takeaway.com
14 min.

What it’s about:

Learning the research methods is not enough to succeed. Researchers must also acquire the necessary mindset in order to thrive in their practice. This talk is all about the ideal mindset for a researcher. What does it look like, and how do you achieve it?

A note from the creator:

“A researcher’s mindset questions everything, lives comfortably in the grey areas, and champions empathy. Give more consideration to the importance of mindset than becoming a methods expert.”

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