The Research Newsletter by Learners | September 2021

The Research Newsletter by Learners
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The Research Newsletter by Learners | September 2021

September 14th 2021


Hey Research Friends!

Thanks so much for continuing to read our newsletter! Every month we say we’ve got tons of new events, jobs and pieces of content—but this month it’s more true than ever before!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new and happening in the next few weeks:

As always, thanks for reading—and please enjoy!

Learners Conferences

Upcoming Confs by Learners: September & October 2021
We want to give you a heads up about our four upcoming conferences for tech workers. Every one of these remote conferences will be a place where you can face new challenges and see what the future holds, and share your latest ideas with talented folks in your field, all for free.

We hope to see you and your colleagues there! We’d hugely appreciate you sharing any of our conference websites below or our conference blog page <3

Quick Conference Timeline:

Learn More

UX Research Jobs

Featured Roles

Research Roles

Senior Research Roles

Not sure what salary to ask for? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out our 2021 Salary Report by researcher Kyle Osborne 🙂

Jobs for Learners

We just launched a job board for folks across product and tech; Jobs for Learners! Check it out if you love creating and working with amazing products, or if you’re an employer looking to reach a talented group of learners.

Reach out to alec@joinlearners.com for more info!

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Navigating a Career in UX Research

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The new app will have tons of short-form content from our Thought Partners—who are some of the most talented leaders in tech, from companies like Spotify, Xbox and Mailchimp.

Mobile app users will get:

  • Exclusive access to bonus Thoughts from Learners conference speakers in the coming months
  • The latest bite-sized lessons from Learners Thought Partners on topics like interview prep, collaboration tips and leadership

—so sign up now for early access! Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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