Welcome Henrik Mattsson to the Learners Board of Directors 💖

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Over the past five years, Learners has been through a lot of change. From its many names and iterations, there have been very few people who’ve stayed with us on our journey from local Toronto meetup to the edtech startup it is today.

One of those individuals is Henrik Mattsson.

We first met Henrik when we sent him a cold outreach email asking Lookback to sponsor our very first UXRConf all the way back in 2018. Henrik took a chance on us, said yes, and has been a staple at every UXRConf since then, including our upcoming 2022 event (announcement coming soon 😉). At this point, UXRConf wouldn’t be the same without Lookback or Henrik.

But Henrik’s support has extended far beyond sponsoring our events. As we wrangled with the chaos of COVID-19, grew our vision to support all Learners, not just those in research, and struggled to mature as a team, Henrik has personally been there to support us every step of the way.

Today, we’re announcing that Henrik will be joining the Learners Board of Directors. This marks our very first external Board of Directors appointment, an exciting new step for our growing company.

Henrik’s experience as the CEO at Lookback has already taught our team so much, and we look forward to formalizing his support.

Please join us in welcoming Henrik! 🙌

Alec, Maggi and the entire Learners team 🌱


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